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Vaccinating Your Indoor Cat

‼️Dr. Reindel has some very important information about vaccinating your indoor cat. We have gotten over a dozen calls in the past month about unwanted critters coming into the home and exposing unvaccinated cats to rabies and other nasty diseases. It is extremely important (for many reasons, as discussed below) that your cat is up-to-date on their vaccines regardless if they are indoor or outdoor. ‼️

Although living indoors is often considered a safer lifestyle for a cat, it is important to note that infectious diseases affect all cats. Here are some considerations on why your cat should be kept up-to-date on his or her vaccines…

1) Change in lifestyle ? – maybe you’re deciding it is time to add a new feline family member (or even foster a cat) or maybe a family member or friend comes to visit and brings their kitty along too for a play date. Having different or new cats come in and out of your home has the potential to spread germs and diseases. In fact, even humans themselves can inadvertently be a carrier of disease and spread germs through their hands, clothes, or shoes.

2) Unplanned escape ? – some cats are very intrigued by the outdoors and try to dart out the door as you’re leaving, or maybe a window got left open a crack that lead to an escape. Keeping your cat up to date on their vaccines can help prevent against the unexpected.

3) Unwelcome critters ? – as much as we don’t want to admit it, wildlife critters like bats, raccoons, birds, and mice can sometimes break into our homes. Your cat may find it very exciting to chase, hunt, or play with these critters. These unwelcome wildlife guests can expose your cat to diseases and parasites.

4) It’s the law ?– New York State Law requires that all cats (and dogs) be kept up-to-date on their Rabies vaccine. Not only is Rabies an animal health concern, but it is a human health concern too. If a cat has a potential exposure to a wild animal or if a human gets bit by a cat, there are protocols that must be followed which can sometimes have severe consequences. Often the public health department is involved to dictate protocols.
If you cat is not up-to-date on their vaccines, give us a call to schedule!
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