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TJ’s Story

TJ’s Story ❤️?
Getting a new puppy is an exciting time for everyone, from childhood right through adulthood. But what if that adorable, tiny new pet starts to develop severe vomiting and diarrhea, will not eat their food, and becomes so weak they can no longer stand up on their own? This is the story of TJ, a 7-week-old Basset Hound that was infected with Canine Parvovirus.
When TJ first came to our office, he had been experiencing vomiting and diarrhea for only 2 days but had not eaten or drank much of anything for 3 days. His family adopted him just a few days before he started showing symptoms of being sick. Based on his physical exam and a test performed in the clinic, he was diagnosed with Parvovirus and admitted to the hospital. Parvovirus is a disease that was first discovered in the early 1960’s. If a young dog encounters the feces of an infected animal, it is likely they will develop the disease and become sick themselves. Every dog experiences this disease differently, so where one dog may only develop a decreased appetite for a few days, another may become extremely ill. In TJ’s case, his infection resulted in a 9-day hospitalization in our isolation ward, multiple IV antibiotics, and a feeding tube. While TJ was hospitalized, the entire team at Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital and Dove Creek Animal Hospital fell in love with him and his adorable personality. Fortunately, TJ responded to his treatments and is now a healthy, playful puppy! We are happy to say he is doing very well and living a wonderful life with his family that loves him very much! ?❤️
So how do we as puppy owners prevent our new pets from becoming infected with Parvovirus? Most importantly, vaccination starting as early as 7-8 weeks of age is the most effective means of prevention. In addition, minimizing exposure to unvaccinated or under-vaccinated dogs will decrease your puppy’s potential risk of exposure to the virus. This includes visits to pet stores and any other facilities that permit pets. Those puppy playdates and visits to pick out their favorite toys and treats will be just as fun once your puppy is fully protected from this nasty disease.
If you have any questions about this highly contagious and potentially fatal disease, please reach out to discuss if your pet is at risk and to schedule your next round of vaccinations!
In the photos attached: TJ, Dr. Lucas, Sarah and Eddie?
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