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James Van Horne

Excellent facility, extremely clean, very professional. After losing my last husky at 4 months old to a vet in Johnstown who couldn’t even perform a spay surgery I knew I needed to find a new vet for my second puppy. This place (located in Gloversville, NY) is a night and day difference over the last vet (who is located in Johnstown, NY). When comparing the cleanliness, atmosphere, and overall facility you can’t beat this place. Great staff, Dr. Will knows his stuff. When I first brought my second puppy in they performed tests that the other vet missed. When it came time to spay her, she was in and out in the same day and recovery was quick. I’m very happy after going there for years.

I give this place 5 stars and will throw in the extra 4 for the last poster for the unjust 1 star they gave for something that was their responsibility.