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Stay Ahead of The Curve With Preventative Care

Pets are family, and the surest way to keep our family members safe and healthy is to prevent ailments before they occur. Annual comprehensive physical examinations are the best way we can monitor and help promote a long, healthy life for your pet.

For the best possible care, we recommend a yearly visit for dogs and cats under age eight. We will give your pet a full examination, test for common conditions including heartworm, tick borne diseases and other parasites, and administer any needed vaccinations.

For dogs and cats over age eight, we recommend a visit every six months for a physical check-up and comprehensive lab work done once a year.

Our pets are masters at hiding illness and pain, and cats are especially adept at keeping ailments to themselves. Routine physical examinations help us catch any issues while they’re still small and easily manageable. Regular office visits also gives you a chance to ask us questions and voice concerns about your pet.

We’re in this together. Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital will send you reminders for upcoming vaccination due dates, testing and examinations so you don’t have to keep track of everything yourself. Proactive pet care makes for happy pets and happy families.

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