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Myth Buster March – Episode 1

When is the last time you thought to yourself, if my dog’s nose is wet, that means they’re healthy right? Or, if my dog’s leg is painful, can’t I just give them baby aspirin?

There have been many pet health myths and tips that have been passed down from generation to generation. Many just assume they are correct, when in fact they could be detrimental to your cat or dog’s overall health.

At Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital and Dove Creek Animal Hospital, we are here to set the record straight! Throughout the month of March, we will be busting 11 different pet health “myths”. We asked 11 of our team members to answer questions on some very interesting topics including diet, training, and overall health.

You won’t believe some of these answers!

On the first episode of Vet Med Myth Busters, we ask Dr. Reindel the age-old question, does a dog’s wet nose mean they are healthy? Myth or fact?




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