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Laser Therapy Before & After Photo

Check out these before and after photos!?

Gizmo, our adorable pug patient, was diagnosed with an ear infection. In the “before” photo, you can see how swollen the ear is – with all of the inflammation, Gizmo’s ear canal was more narrow than normal. This narrowing trapped all of the wax and discharge within the ear, which made the infection worse. For Gizmo, ear medication was not enough to reduce the swelling. Gizmo signed up for six sessions of therapy laser treatments over the course of two weeks. The therapy laser helps to reduce inflammation, reduce pain and speed up the healing process. As you can see in the “after” photo it made a huge difference in Gizmo’s ear!?

The therapy laser can help with a many different conditions including: arthritis, hip dysplasia, lick granulomas or “hot spots”, wounds, sprains, fractures and much more!

Next week we will be posting a video showing exactly how the therapy laser works and how it is used on your pet. Stay tuned!

In this ?: Jennifer and Gizmo