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On today’s edition of “what did Dr. Sharpe remove from a dog’s abdomen” we have A PLASTIC BAG! ??

Kyser (the adorable black lab in the attached photo ?) was not feeling well for a few days. He was constantly vomiting and could not keep anything down. Unfortunately, he needed to have exploratory surgery to remove a potential foreign body (aka the plastic baggie). We are so happy to say he is recovering WONDERFULLY after surgery and is going to feel much, much better! Kyser began to feel so sick because the bag was moving from his stomach into the intestines causing plication, which is the bunching of the intestines. Ultimately, surgery was necessary because the baggie would not pass on its own.

Kyser is such a sweet and playful boy. We hope he has a smooth healing process and is back to playing with his sister in no time!

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