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Information About Fleas from Dr. Lavin

❗️**Important information from Dr. Lavin**❗️
Hello there everyone! I’m going to clear up some misconceptions and give you all some super important facts about those creepy crawlies we all hate – FLEAS! ?
?“Why worry about fleas? They’re not bothering Fido.” Fleas cause a very uncomfortable dermatitis and are super itchy! And some cats and dogs even have a flea allergy, which means if they get bitten by just one flea their whole body has a reaction and they become severely itchy! Also, fleas are known to carry diseases such as Bartonella (cat scratch fever) and tapeworms (yuck!), both of which humans can get.
?“But they’re on flea medication I got at the grocery store… why do they still have fleas?” Many over-the-counter flea products are not effective, and some can even be harmful! Please contact us if you need some guidance on choosing a quality flea/tick product for your furry friend.
?“But my cat is indoor-only! Surely they don’t have fleas!” Actually, fleas have no problem living indoors! They love warmth and the immature forms can be found in the home… in the carpets, curtains, and bedding! Here at Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital we strongly advocate that all pets need to be on flea/tick prevention year-round regardless of lifestyle!
I hope that was helpful! And again, if there are ever any questions about fleas, or any other concerns, please do not hesitate to call, we’re always happy to chat!
Until next time,
Dr. Lavin


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