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Cat Weight Management Tips

Hi all, Dr. Reindel here. My feline friend Oscar and I just wanted to share some tips on how to help your cat stay trim and fit this summer (and throughout the year). ?

1) We all know that it can be challenging to get a cat to exercise. Try feeding your cat up on the top of a cat tree (or any taller surface in your home), this way your cat has to move to get their food. You could even move the food dish to different locations in your home each day to encourage your cat to “hunt” for their food.

2) Plan out how many treats your cat is able to have per day and then store them in a weekly medicine container. This can help set limits to the amount of treats your cat eats per day. Be sure that all members of your family are on board to prevent overfeeding. Oscar’s family fills up his container each week, which has really helped him maintain his lean body condition. *this method is also very effective for dogs too

3) Encourage playtime! Use anything your cat may be interested in such as feather toys, paper balls, pretend mice. Toys that flash, move, or squeak may be especially fun for your cat. Set aside some time to play each day. Oscar loves his daily playtime with his humans and his favorite carrot toy.

I challenge you to try out one (or all three) of these tips this summer with your cat (or dog). Achieving and maintaining a lean body weight is just one of many ways we can ensure your pet lives a long, happy, and healthy life! ?

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