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Senior Pet Care

**The following is a message from Dr. Sharpe regarding senior pet care** What classifies a senior pet? A senior pet is considered 8 years of age or older. However, larger breed dogs tend to have a shorter life span compared to smaller breed dogs...
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Allie and Oliver

Happy Friday! These adorable 11-week-old kittens came in for a visit with Dr. Sharpe this afternoon. Allie and Oliver are adorable and had a lot of fun playing in the cat room! #kittens #catsofig #kittensofig #glovecitiesvet #veterinarian
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Dental Transformation

Check out this transformation!??   These images were taken before and after a dental procedure here at Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital. Full mouth x-rays were preformed and the teeth were scaled and polished while the patient was under anesthesia (in addition to many other...
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This adorable cat, Reuben, has had quite the week!  He was recently adopted into a wonderful home and spent a few days getting to know his new mom and pet siblings. Then he decided to escape and roam the neighborhood! Needless to say, his...
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This is Holly’s “please give me a treat” face. She came in for a visit with Dr. Sharpe today! In this : Dr. Sharpe, Eliza and Holly #dogsofig #dogs #glovecitiesvet #veterinarymedicine #veterinarian
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Don’t let that adorable/sad puppy face fool you, Snoop loved coming in for a visit this morning! He is such a sweet boy and always makes us smile. In this : Lindsey, Kira and Snoop  #glovecitiesvet #dogs #dogsofig #sundaymornings  
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Kora and Nala

Kitten sisters Kora and Nala had quite an enjoyable time in the cat room! They are so cute. ??     #kitten #cat #kittensofig #veterinarymedicine #glovecitiesvet