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Preventative and Wellness Care

Preventative and Wellness Care At Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital.

We believe a comprehensive physical exam is one of the most important pieces of information we can obtain regarding your pet and their overall health. Consistent, annual exams allow us to keep track of your pet and be proactive on any concerns the doctor or you, the pet mom or dad, may have.

For dogs and cats less than 8 years of age we recommend annual visits that include a comprehensive physical exam and update of any vaccinations that are due.

We also test for different diseases annually including heartworm, tick diseases and fecal testing.

For dogs and cats over 8 years of age we recommend exams twice a year (every 6 months) and comprehensive lab work once a year to make sure we are able to catch disease early.

This is in addition to their annual vaccines and heartworm, tick disease and fecal testing. Often times our pets (cats especially) are masters at hiding illness and pain. If there are issues that are left untreated, often times it can be too late. Being proactive with your pet’s health is essential for them to live a long, healthy life!

Rest assured we will remind you of all vaccines, testing and examinations that are due at Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital to help you stay on track with your pet’s health and wellness.

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