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Full-Service Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory gives us point-of-care diagnostic abilities when we are treating sick or injured pets and allows us to properly evaluate every surgical case prior to anesthesia. Within several minutes to less than an hour, we can perform vital testing to help make a diagnosis and start immediate care.

These tests include:
  1. Feline Leukemia / Feline Immunodeficiency Virus / Feline Heartworm Testing
  2. Canine Heartworm / Lyme Disease / Ehrlichia / Anaplasmosis Testing
  3. Complete Blood Cell Counts (CBC)- Testing for anemia, dehydration, inflammation, infection, and low platelets.
  4. Serum Chemistry Panels- Testing liver, kidney, and thyroid function. Diabetes testing, and electrolyte and protein level assessments.
  5. Urinalysis- Testing for urinary tract infections, kidney function, protein, crystals, or other urinary abnormalities.
  6. Coagulation Profiles- Testing for bleeding disorders (think rat poison, liver, or autoimmune disease)
  7. Culture and Sensitivity- Confirming the cause of an infection and choosing the right antibiotic.

Our licensed veterinary technicians are specially trained to use all laboratory equipment, so we can assess all sick patients in a timely manner.

Our hospital also extensively partners with a national Reference Laboratory.  With daily sample pick-ups, we have access to almost any test available in the country, many of which can have results and answers by the next day.


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