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Digital Radiology

Radiographs, or x-rays, are one of the most important diagnostic tools in veterinary medicine.

X-rays are useful for examining your pet’s bones, lungs, heart, abdomen, oral cavity and other areas of the body.

Our digital x-ray equipment produces the highest quality radiographs to aid in the diagnosis of many disorders and injuries. These high-quality radiographs allow our doctors to see fine detail and subtle changes.  Our digital format also allows us to manipulate the images to help in obtaining a diagnosis and allows us to share the images with our other doctors and clients in the exam rooms.  We also extensively share images with Board Certified Radiologists via telemedicine to seek second opinions on many of our x-ray studies.  This helps us collaborate and ensure that we are developing the best diagnostic and treatment plan for your pet.

We are also able to get images within minutes.

If x-rays are recommended for your pet, the doctors will have the images very quickly to help us get answers about your pet in a timely manner.


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