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The number one health problem diagnosed in 8 out of 10 cats and in dogs over 4 years of age is periodontal disease.

Dental disease puts stress on your pet’s immune system and weakens the liver, kidneys and heart.

At Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital we provide an extensive dental care program.

Our clients have become aware of the importance of having their pet’s teeth examined and cleaned on a regular basis. Preventative dental care can add years to your pet’s life.

A routine dental cleaning has many steps involved.

After a physical exam and extensive lab work to make sure your pet is safe for anesthesia, a dentistry is performed. This includes full dental x-rays (to assess any issues underneath the gingiva), a cleaning with the ultrasonic scaler and polish of the teeth. After assessment of the radiographs and oral exam, if there are teeth that are identified as problematic (mobile and root exposure) they will be surgically extracted by the doctor. If extractions are needed the gums are then closed with absorbable suture to allow for faster healing. Also, a therapy laser is used to decrease inflammation and swelling and promote healing. Upon recovery, your pet will be sent home with pain medication and antibiotics.


At discharge, we discuss tips for at-home care including brushing, dental chews, and a dental prescription diet. Routine dental cleanings help your pet live a more comfortable and healthy life.


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