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Grain Free Diets

#didyouknow There is no credible evidence found showing grain-free diets are a BETTER option for your cat or dog. There is a misconception that whole grains are just “fillers”, by “fillers” meaning grains have little to no nutritional value. Grains actually have many vital...
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Spring Pet Poisons

Spring is here! Of course, we are all excited to open the windows and have lots of fresh flowers around…. Did you know some spring flowers are toxic to cats and dogs? Be prepared! Read the link below. The Pet Poison Helpline listed the...
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Independent Felines

#didyouknow People (and most other mammals) are a pack species; cats are an independent species. This means we tend to like to go to others to get their attention/play; cats prefer to come to us on their terms. This all makes perfect sense!
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Visit to Shelter

We visited Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter today! Delivered our food/monetary donations from our annual holiday food drive. Thank you again to all who donated! We truly appreciate it! It is always a good feeling helping our shelter pets.
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National Pet Dental Health Month

  February is one of our favorite months at Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital. It is National Pet Dental Health Month! This is a month dedicated to educating you on how to improve your pet’s oral health. Your pet’s teeth should be checked at least...
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Ticks in February!

We have had many people report that they have found ticks on their dog or cat. This is proof that year round protection from these pesky critters is very important, regardless of the temperatures outside! Make sure your pet is protected.
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Meet Mickey!

  Meet Mickey! This handsome fella is looking for a good home. He will come with all of his vaccinations and will be neutered. He is only a year old. Mickey is a special case because he is leukemia positive. He will require a...
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Landry and Mojo

Brothers Landry and Mojo came in this evening for a weight check with Krystin. Both lost .4 lbs in one month! Excellent job! And they are very handsome too.
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