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Here is some puppy cuteness on this gloomy Thursday! Barney came in for his first visit with Dr. Lavin today.. ??
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Pepper is the new greeter for Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital.. ? ? She curled right up on the front counter. So cute!  
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Food Facts!

#DidYouKnow ?? If you are a “pet food label reader” you may be interested to know: Chicken by-product meal is made up of chicken that has been ground and cooked, reducing the fat content to create a protein-rich ingredient. It’s high in protein and amino acids...
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Purina Tour

Dr. Sharpe and Dr. Reindel were in St. Louis, Missouri this past week at the Purina headquarters!?? They were on a VIP tour of the facility to learn more about Purina products and their commitment to providing proper nutrition for cats and dogs.
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New Video – Laser Therapy

Check out our latest YouTube video. The topic is laser therapy! At Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital we use laser therapy on many of our patients for a variety of conditions. These include ear infections, arthritis, hot spots, post-surgical healing and much more! The therapy...
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Laser Therapy Before & After Photo

Check out these before and after photos!? Gizmo, our adorable pug patient, was diagnosed with an ear infection. In the “before” photo, you can see how swollen the ear is – with all of the inflammation, Gizmo’s ear canal was more narrow than normal....
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