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Reuben has the sweetest puppy face! He came in for a visit with Dr. Reindel today. 🐾😄
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Barclay is such a sweet and happy little guy! 🐾 In this 📸 with him: Dr. Sharpe, Jennifer and Eliza. 😄
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Weight Management Win

A big congratulations to Jelly Bella! She has been in our weight management program with Paula since April and lost a total of 3.8lbs! She started at 17.2lbs and is now 13.4lbs! Her family gives her carrots for treats and they feed the Purina...
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Ashley and Ellie

Happy Friday! Ellie is such a sweet girl. She spent some quality time with Ashley during her appointment this morning. 😁🐾  
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Roaxs is showing us how excited he is for the weekend… 😂🐱 He came in for a visit with Dr. Sharpe today!  
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Saturn is such a pretty kitty! She came in for her first visit today. 😃  
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Prince and Paisley

Prince and his little sister Paisley came in for a visit today! They are quite a pair. 😄🐾