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Here is some puppy cuteness on this gloomy Thursday! Barney came in for his first visit with Dr. Lavin today.. 😊🐶
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Pepper is the new greeter for Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital.. 😂 🐶 She curled right up on the front counter. So cute!  
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Food Facts!

#DidYouKnow 🐱🐶 If you are a “pet food label reader” you may be interested to know: Chicken by-product meal is made up of chicken that has been ground and cooked, reducing the fat content to create a protein-rich ingredient. It’s high in protein and amino acids...
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Purina Tour

Dr. Sharpe and Dr. Reindel were in St. Louis, Missouri this past week at the Purina headquarters!🐶🐱 They were on a VIP tour of the facility to learn more about Purina products and their commitment to providing proper nutrition for cats and dogs.
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New Video – Laser Therapy

Check out our latest YouTube video. The topic is laser therapy! At Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital we use laser therapy on many of our patients for a variety of conditions. These include ear infections, arthritis, hot spots, post-surgical healing and much more! The therapy...